New Schedule

Hey Everybody! So, things have been sort of weird since the holidays. Not having classes after having them all the time (even 2 out of 3 summers) is very strange. Also, I tend to work nights, so it’s just a whole new schedule. I’m hoping to start nailing down some kind of regular routine next week. Until then though, I just thought I’d check in.

The holidays are pretty much in the rearview at this point, and I’ve managed to shake off almost all of the holiday weight. If you haven’t yet though, don’t worry about it. From everything I’ve seen and heard lately, the world may well end in ten days anyway. Might as well enjoy what’s left of it. Not to make a blog that is ostensibly about food political, but come on. How is this even real? But let’s not do that. I generally write when I’m in a good mood, so there is really no point in rehashing America’s NIghtmare-That-Just-Won’t-End.

So…um…work has been fun. My school is putting on Little Shop of Horrors, which is also the show that my high school put on back when I was a Freshman. Wasn’t in that one and I’m not in this one — so we’ve really come full circle. This is related to work because I have been using my shifts to help build sets, hang lights, put up train tracks, etc. I love when my work happens to get me involved for several reasons. First, it’s just fun and second, I am getting paid to do it while everyone else there is not. Hahahahaha. I win. There isn’t much else kickin, but if anything interesting comes up I’ll let you know. Until then, just gonna be figuring out how to have a life outside of work. Maybe. We’ll see. Work life is pretty entertaining. Talk to you all soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this horribly haunting comic that I came across online…


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