Summer (School) Lovin’

Hey there ‘Gurts fans! Only like a month. I’m doing better. This was my first week of summer classes. I am taking a full course load (four classes) and the quarter is six weeks instead of ten. If you don’t feel like doing the math on that, allow me to. It’s a bunch of work. The good news comes in three parts:

  1. I love my classes
  2. I recently obtained a large TV, which makes my viewings for class that much more pleasant
  3. I bought a small Foreman grill off of the Northwestern Facebook page Free & For Sale, so I have been eating well despite having limited time and brain energy

As is my custom, I have been moving like crazy because summer is here. Last week I worked just under forty hours, and most of it was spent doing physical labor. This week I have mostly been walking to and from classes, which is still a minimum of two miles a day, plus going to get books and work. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I know as well as anyone how difficult being healthy can be. I also know that it is even HARDER when you are busy. When you are in the middle of doing homework, or just got off a long shift, ordering a pizza sounds so quick and easy. Best tips I can give you to avoid that trap: frozen stuff and a Foreman. I stumble into my house laden with books, drop my backpack, throw a bag of frozen veggies in the microwave and plug in the foreman. Mixed vegetables take eight minutes to microwave, a thawed salmon filet takes five minutes on the foreman, and a little applesauce cup takes 1.2 seconds to open. By the time you have put on some comfortable clothes and set out your books, you have a hot and healthy meal ready and waiting.


Need something with a bit more to it? They also make microwavable rice. It may not be the traditional home-cooked meal, but it is a great option when you are pressed for time (takes 90 seconds, unlike normal brown rice which takes forty minutes on the stovetop. So that’s…faster). The above salmon has lemon pepper on it which is SO good. The below picture was cooked before I had located the lemon pepper in my cupboard. (Still good!)


Don’t worry, I ate my veggies. I just didn’t have them in the picture. I could hear you worrying. I could smell the silent judgment. 

OH YEAH! I found a fantastic candy store at the San Francisco airport! I LOVE candy stores, and this one had a black and white photo of a candy production line with changing colored lights! Candy stores are cute, pretty, and FULL OF CANDY! I spent…more than I care to mention on chocolate covered gummy bears, which disappeared far too quickly. All good things…

Also found in San Francisco: BREAD ANIMALS! The baby turtles are my favorite! So CUTE!

You all have been lovely as always, I am off to do a bit more homework before class (I was using this time during work as a little brain-break). BYE!

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