Bass Gotta Swim

Hello my ‘gurts. No I didn’t abandon you. I just forgot about you for 3.5 months. Totally different. Things have been going well. I am still pretty lazy in general, but I am already walking MUCH more as the weather gets better. In my opinion, (the only opinion) walking is the greatest exercise EVER! You don’t have to change into any special clothes, it doesn’t make your lungs feel like they are full of daggers, and you can squeeze little walks anywhere in your schedule. It’s just so convenient!

Speaking of walking, I have not been doing that much this week in particular. As a woman, I have accepted that there are going to be days/weeks that can only be cured with hugs and chocolate. Honestly, I am more relieved than anything that I have finally accepted that sometimes you are just going to eat bad, and that is no big deal (bass gotta swim^). I was feeling particularly fussy the other day, so my amazing boyfriend brought me chocolate covered gummy bears (my favorite candy since I was little). After he was gone, I felt worse than ever, with no boyfriend or gummies to turn to. When I texted him to be whiny, he sent me to a drawer in my room where he had hidden MORE gummy bears. NO the point of this story is not that I ate a pound of chocolate gummy bears* It’s that my boyfriend is cute and…um, you can eat bad sometimes if you need to, but I expect my cut.

Speaking of cuts, look at this yummy meat!**


Steak, mashed tatoes, and asparagus (courtesy of my connection in the meat department)


Lamb, roasted tatoes, and broccoli (I somehow didn’t have the picture of this on a plate.) Again, purchased and prepped by Mike — I do side dishes.

Speaking of dishes…nope, didn’t have one this time. This weekend is Dillo, so if I remember to take pretty drink/concert pics I will share them.*** I’m off to go see Civil War! Adios!

^Shoutout to Luke…and Lance Bass

*I did though. Worth it.

**Amazing segue Dana.

***But I probably won’t, so don’t get too excited.

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