So Much Celebrating

Hey everyone! So, I have been gone for a bit since the last post that had pictures (of me) in it. That post got WAY more views than my normal ones, so I can only assume that one of you spread the word to EVERYONE. Thank you, that guy.

Things have been crazy the past few weeks so, as is my custom, I’m going to give you all a quick recap of the fun foods (and other things) that have gone down.

So, when I last left you I was on the verge of my 21st birthday. My roommates threw me a themed party that probably would come off a little strange, but suited my sense of humor very well. Long story short, Luke makes a stunning doorman and Britt an ideal Scottish priest. I also received some presents from my parents and my dreams have been haunted since.

IMG_0132.JPGScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.30.39 PM

SERIOUSLY? What were the odds that I would open that from that corner first!? It was Dexter seasons 1-4 (a great gift) but man…that is just terrifying.

One of my birthday gifts also came with a gift certificate for $100 off $170 worth of nice wine, plus three extra because deals entice suckers like myself. Needless to say, I took advantage and received fifteen bottles of wine that have been very good so far. It’s particularly nice to have a sip of $3 wine first, just to give yourself a reference point.

Two weeks after my birthday (a.k.a. yesterday) was Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I got all excited, bought too much candy, and made pot roast and (gf) bread pudding! Unfortunately, none of those things are snacks. Between the two of us though, my boyfriend and I navigated that problem using Brie (not pictured), goat cheese, honey and red pepper jelly for toppings, pink lady apples, and grapes.

As many of you know, the heart-shaped pan was just serendipity because it is the only cake pan I have. Everything turned out SO WELL!

On Sunday morning we went to see Deadpool. It was a very good film AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WALKING INTO. This is not your average hero movie. It is rated R for a very good reason, and is NOT a movie to bring your children to. I know that it isn’t my place to tell other people how to parent, but if you bring your three 8-year old boys to see this wildly inappropriate film, you deserve everything that comes of it. You don’t get to be shocked to find your kids swearing or making horrible references, and you are personally contributing to the decay of modern society. Just saying.

After Deadpool, we went out to Found for their Valentine’s Day dinner. It was delicious and I remembered that I should take pictures for you guys, but then I still didn’t because I didn’t feel like it. The meal consisted of the following courses*:

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.35.48 AM


I got a drink that was blood orange and ginger (which I cannot remember the name of), and Mike got a “Sidecar Named Desire” which was, in fact, a sidecar.

Long story short, this weekend was entirely planned around food, and the food was DOPE so the weekend was a success! Potentially themed-food events are the greatest, and if there is a theme to be utilized I. Am. ON IT!

*I was going to write them down, then decided to just show you guys the menu and save myself a lot of effort. This menu was found on the website for Found Kitchen and Social House.


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