Looking Forward

Hey everybody. I’m having a very un-motivated morning and struggling to try to get myself to work. I figured that this might be a good opportunity to finally let you all see how I’ve progressed. (Hopefully, this will have the secondary effect of helping do my work this morning. Looking at the hurdles I’ve overcome so far, all that great stuff.)

Now, anyone who has been with my ‘gurts for a while knows that I have never posted a picture of myself on here. I have seen too many blogs that do that, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. That being said, after five years of talking about weight-loss, being healthy, and struggling to overcome disorders, it only seems fair that I prove it. So here we are. The blog that shows the changes to the few of you who don’t know me through Facebook.

Before the blog (and before being healthy at all):

When I started my ‘gurts:

When the binge eating and depression struck:

Now that I have gotten better:

So that’s me. From 180lbs to 125lbs to 210lbs to 145lbs. If you are interested in more pictures, let’s hope you are already friends with me, because after this post we are back to pictures of food and shoes or whatever I normally put on here. If I can do it (twice) than I swear to you it is possible. It is hard, (believe me, I know) but it can be done. You are all great, thank you for the almost five years of support. I’ll update you all real soon.

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