Summer German

Hello my angels! I know it feels like it has been years, but don’t worry, it has really only been two months. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you. I just go through periods of being super-swamped/forgetful. 🙂

So far this has been a great summer! I am about halfway through my summer German class so…I’ve pretty much mastered the language. Seriously, ask me anything (as long as that “anything” is my name or the color of my shirt).

As far as healthy eating is concerned, things have been going great! I will start posting food pics and recipes again soon (probably August) when I have money for ingredients and time to cook them. I should warn you though, the recipes will be…different from usual. A few months ago my doctor gave me the bad news: I am allergic to gluten.

So here’s my thing about gluten. If you are allergic, it messes with your stomach and your mood and is just unpleasant in general. If you are not gluten-intolerant, cutting it out of your diet doesn’t really do anything. You will likely feel better if by “giving up gluten” you mean cutting down on carbs and eating more proteins, fruits, and vegetables. However, if you have merely switched to gluten-free cookies and muffins because it’s trendy, you probably won’t notice any major life changes.

That being said, I am real life allergic and have been feeling much better, both physically and mentally, since going gluten-free. I am a toast-lover, born and bread (see what I did there?), so I have started buying Udi’s gluten free bread. Let me tell you, it makes the best toast I have ever had EVER. This came as a huge relief since, before discovering my allergy, I was obsessed with bread topped with goat cheese and honey. I guess what I’m trying to say is, my life is awesome because I eagerly celebrate the little things.

Despite the crazy Illinois weather (rain to oppressive heat to weirdly brisk) I have finally started walking for real again. Still only “shorter”* distances for now, but I have big plans to step up my game once I have a bit more time (post-German).

Overall, things are good here. There are still bad days, to be sure, (plenty of them) but that’s life. We always have to take the good with the bad and celebrate the little victories. It’s like I always say, “Rome wasn’t cured of it’s severe depression in a day”*** Sometimes those old cliches are so apt it’s spooky…

I can’t tell you when I’ll write again (I am, after all, a wild card) but I can tell you that there are some fun posts to come. This year has a lot of promise what with Halloween, my 21st birthday and hopefully more of the spontaneous cocktail parties that I have come to love. Until then, stay active, eat well, and try not to let the bad days get you down.

P.S. Luna Bars are gluten free so, I’ve got that going for me…which is nice.

*I put “shorter” in quotation marks because distance is relative. For some people, one mile is a long walk, and there is nothing wrong with that. For some people, 12 miles is a reasonable distance to jog, and they should seek mental help…** For me, an avid walker, short is between two and three miles. Once I finish my German class I hope to use the extra time to step it up a bit, mainly because I love long walks, and I dislike many other forms of exercise. I also may start doing Jane Fonda yoga because I bought it on a whim like a year ago. Quite a footnote, huh? Yeah, I aim to impress.

**I’m kidding. Mostly.

***You should remember that saying when things get tough. I’m pretty sure you could even apply it to other, non-depression-related subjects.

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